2019 Studies and Study Leaders

Practicing Resurrection:  The Gospel of Mark and Radical Discipleship  

Explore what it means to live a life of radical discipleship today using the Gospel of Mark as the foundation. Examine the timeless issues of poverty, gender, justice, liberation, equality, and others using Mark as a guide. The stories of the women in Mark are a particular focus in this study and how, although often unnamed, they are prominent among Jesus’ followers and in Mark’s recounting of the gospel story.

Led by Marie MacDougall (English)

I am Marie MacDougall and will be facilitating the Adult Study of Mark and Radical Discipleship. In our class we will be Practicing Resurrection and putting ourselves into the scriptures to bring it to the world we live in today. Bring your creativity and talents to share with your sisters and brothers of faith. This will be a thoughtful, but fun experience with my prayer being that you will go home ready to share with those in your church and community.
My passions are education and mission and I have had wonderful training and experiences through my UMW involvement to bring these passions to fruition. I currently serve as the Vermont District President of UMW, the New England Director of Lay Servant Ministry and Certified Lay Ministry, and serve as the Chair of SPRC at my church, Hedding UMC. It is my prayer to exude Faith, Hope and Love to those I serve in God’s world. On July 26 -28 that will be you, if you decide to be in the Mark Study.

Jeongseung Lee

and Jeongseung Lee (Korean)

Jeongseung Lee was ordained in 2002 from the Korean Methodist Church, South Korea. He came to the US for studying in Boston University STH (MTS Program), and graduated in 2014. His wife and he both serve in North Boston Korean UMC as associate pastors.



Youth Study:  Who Do You Say That I Am? Meeting Jesus through the Eyes of Mark

As youth unpack the Gospel of Mark through the four sessions, they’ll encounter the following guiding principles:

Jesus stands firm in his teaching and ministry, even in the face of opposition;

Jesus heals others physically and spiritually;

Jesus continues to love and teach his disciples, even as they repeatedly misunderstand and misinterpret him;

and Jesus’s ministry, death, and resurrection offers hope for us today—particularly those who are suffering, marginalized and forgotten.

Led by Sherry Culver

Calling all youth!  Join me as we explore the Gospel of Mark together and see what it has to offer to us for today.  Mark is the shortest of the gospels but one can argue that it packs a powerful punch of reality, a thought provoking message and an urgent call to discipleship. I am excited to be leading this study and we will be learning and discovering Jesus’ call to each of us.

I have been active in United Methodist Women since I was invited to that first meeting many years ago. Having served various positions in my local UMW and on the Central Mass District UMW team, I now am the current Vice President of New England Conference United Methodist Women.  At Fisk UMC in Natick I am the current chair of the Youth Council, Fisk’s webmaster, treasurer of UMW and communication co-director.

I invite all youth to be a part of this journey.

Children’s Study:  MARKED: A Mission Journey with Jesus in the Gospel of Mark 

This mission study focuses on interactive learning that allows children to use their senses. Each of the four lessons focuses on a different aspect of discipleship: following, friendship, sharing, and faith.

Led by Tammy Verity




Women United for Change: 150 Years in Mission–Mission Study 2019 Special Publication

Led by Rev. Elizabeth Batchelder Smith

This study is about women who established vibrant societies to support mission. First organized in the United States, those societies sent missionaries overseas and later engaged in mission at home. Each was a heroine who was willing to stand over and against what her culture—and sometimes even her church—expected of her. Learning about the early female leaders who created what would become today’s United Methodist Women can help us understand who they truly were beyond who we expected them to have been.


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