mission u 2017 registration–print and mail your registration!

Check the New England Conference Website to register online

Remember to buy and read your books before Mission u

NOTE:  Accommodations will be in Tuckerman Hall this year — the room configurations are slightly different–no suites like we had in Hampton Hall. Our registrar is happy to answer questions and help determine the best room for you.

Friday, July 21-Sunday, July 23, 2017

Living as a Covenant Community

Missionary Conferences of the UMC in the US

Missionary Conferences, Youth & Children’s Study      

                        Youth Study____       Children’s Study ____

              Friday and Saturday:  Living as a Covenant Community      (Korean)   

                               Saturday Only:   Climate Justice     (English)

same cost as 2016!

discount for first time attendees, conference and district officers. scholarships available

Adult, double occupancy  (includes $50 non-refundable)                  $220
Adult, Single occupancy   (includes $50 non-refundable)                  $250
Youth (6th grade-12th grade, sharing with adult)

(includes $50 non-refundable)

Children (1st grade- 5th grade, sharing with adult)

(includes $50 non-refundable)


(Includes lunch and dinner)

(Adult) $115
(Youth)   $65*
(Child) $40*
Saturday Only

(Includes lunch & dinner)

Friday-Saturday Korean study meals only

 (Adults) $70

(Youth)   $20



adult $90

Youth $30

children $15





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